Welcome to BEING ZERO
There seems to be a Huge Gap between Software Industry and Engineering Education in India.  Market analysis shows that only 5% of students graduating from engineering colleges are employable in Product Companies like Amazon, Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo.  While these companies are constantly having openings for the right set of people.

Software Product Companies demand candidates to have practical hands-on knowledge, they look for candidates who are really good at programming, problem solving and design skills.  These skills are hard to develop without proper guidance and environment in which students can practice and grow these skills.  Moreover, 85% of students graduating from non-IIT, non-NIT colleges lack such exposure or guidance.  They do have enormous set of potential but end up wasting their precious four years of B. Tech.

In current situation, everyone is at loss.  Be it Students, Institutes, Industry or Society.  That is exactly where Being Zero fits it.

Being Zero is a conscious effort to strengthen the EDUCATION Pillar, by providing High Quality education by adopting Learn-By-Doing approach for education.  This effort is to help:
  • Student Community
  • Engineering Institutions
  • Software Industry
  • and Society
An attempt to:
  • Realize our potential and
  • Strengthen the Belief that we can CREATE, SUSTAIN, GROW!!